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Oatmeal Soap Bar


Natural, handcrafted vegan soap made with love in Christchurch, New Zealand.

All of Panna's soap products are vegan, palm oil free, cruelty free and made with the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients so they are kind to your skin and to our environment.


1/ Relieves dry and itchy skin, providing gentle hydration.
2/ Helps to soothe and calm irritated or inflamed skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis.
3/ Cleanses the skin without stripping away its natural moisture.
4/ Provides gentle exfoliation for a smoother texture.


Ingredients:  Olive, coconut, avocado & hemp seed oil, water, soda lye, Shea Butter, cocoa butter, oatmeal, paprika powder, essential oils of sweet orange, patchouli & cinnamon bar



No Palm Oil | No Artificial Colours | No GMO



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