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Evidence-Based Techniques for Managing Overwhelming Emotions  


Your go-to Emotional Support Toolkit for addressing hard feelings in real time and preparing for tough moments in the future. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, angry, or overwhelmed, this versatile selection of evidence-based techniques will equip you with the skills, science, and guidance for feeling better.


    • 30+ Skills and Activities to Defuse and De-escalate Difficult Emotions
    • Educational Overviews on the Fundamentals of Emotion Regulation
    • 3 Quick-Start Guides with Ready-To-Use Techniques
    • Tips and Guidance From Expert Therapists to Personalize the techniques to Fit Your Needs
    • Hardcover Bound book
    • Lemongrass Linen Cloth Cover
    • Lay Flat & Thread Bound With Heat-Sealed Ribbon
    • 160 Pages, 60lb (90gsm) FSC-Certified Cream paper
    • Size: 8”X5” X 0.3”
    • Weight: 0.5Lb.
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