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Paperblanks journal.


William Wordsworth and other Romantic-era writers brought passion, instinct and emotion back to the forefront. This handwritten letter quoting “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” (his poem also known as “Daffodils”) comes from a time when Wordsworth felt the need to defend his writing style.


William Wordsworth (1770–1850) ushered in the Romantic era in English literature with the publication of Lyrical Ballads, a book he wrote with Samuel Taylor Coleridge and published in 1798. Challenging the previous era’s emphasis on logic and rationality, Wordsworth and Coleridge’s work is a testament to the importance of poetry and offers a poet’s view on the craft.

As a writer of the Romantic era, Wordsworth brought emotion and passion back to an art form that had become overly intellectualized. He was considered an experimental poet whose work challenged accepted ideas about what poetry was and how it might be written. Cambridge-educated, Wordsworth cared little for formal education and the pretense and lofty diction studied in school. He was a sincere and contemplative thinker who believed poetry should be written in a language understandable to anybody, regardless of class or education.

To him, the artist’s fundamental task was to delight and inspire as many people as possible, and he sought to bring poetry to a wide audience through a more accessible language. His writing evoked the quietude and power of a simple lifestyle, and for this his style was sharply criticized during his time.

Wordsworth spent most of his 80 years living on the edge of the Lake District in the northwest of England. He was inspired by the beauty of his environment, seeing a similarity between poetry and nature as they are both things that touch all living beings. He felt that any person who experienced nature could learn all the secrets of the world. In fact, it was a “long belt” of daffodils that inspired the poem Wordsworth quotes in the letter reproduced on our cover. Written in the early 1800s, the letter shows his desire to defend his writing style against the criticisms of the sophisticated elite. In doing so, he quotes his poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” which was first published in 1807. The poem, with its captivating lyrical style, has since become his most famous work and is held in high regard as a classic of English Romantic poetry. We are pleased to bring both a piece of Wordsworth’s most famous work and his reflections on it to our Embellished Manuscripts Collection.

100% recycled binder boards
Decorative printed cover paper
FSC-certified text paper
Threaded stitching and glue, as needed
Acid-free sustainable forest paper


  • At Paperblanks, we create products that inspire creativity, empower expression and celebrate special
    moments. A homage to art and culture, our line of journals and creative tools sparks the imagination by
    offering a connection to artists and cultural movements from all eras and regions.

    Cover Designs
    • Wide range of timeless cover art
    • World cultures and traditions represented
    • Historical background and credit information detailed in each 

    Unique Closures
    • Wrap, elastic and clasp closures offered
    • Selected to complement each cover design

    Well-Crafted Bindings
    • All books are Smyth sewn – the highest-quality binding available
    • Smyth sewn refers to a classic style of bookmaking in which the
    signatures are sewn together and further reinforced with adhesive
    and fabric backing.

    High-Quality Paper
    • Paper weights (gsm) vary depending on book format and can be
    found on every product page
    • All text paper is FSC-certified
    • Binder boards crafted from 100% recycled material

    • Hardcover journals have an accordion-style memento pouch
    • Flexi notebooks come with a curved back cover pocket

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