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And Breathe. These New Zealand made A5 notebooks have 48 pages with every second paged lined so it enables the doodlers amongst us plenty of space to doodle as well as write.


Artist's Bio

Tony Cribb, a Christchurch artist, loves the word ‘random’. It’s a mutual friendship - as evident in most of his paintings. Some works are loaded with meaning, others have none at all. His passion is for creating artworks that evoke a response from the viewer.

Tin Man is one such creation who has starred in many adventures with themes ranging from the serious to the completely ludicrous. He has contemplated life in all its complexities and is proving to be much more than a rustic orange character - he has become a friend to many.


The Adventures of Tin Man are simple, which in an ever-growing complicated world – must be a good thing. This series creates memories and emotions, and lots of silliness. There is laughter, smiles, sadness, and tears.

From the silliest puns to the deepest emotions, Tin Man will always be there, right beside you. Tin Man’s purpose in life is just that - to live a life.

One that parallels our human lives in our own serious world, but which has the freedom to break free from these confines and enjoy simple pleasures and crazy adventures… something that we all too easily forget.

This cartoon character is not living in a world of eternal happiness – he is very much living in our real world of good and bad and all the in-betweens.

 Things have gone well for Tin Man – to date he has starred in numerous adventures with themes from the serious to the completely ludicrous.

He gives us hope that love will conquer all, has contemplated life in many of its complexities, and that the push of a big red button may ‘fix the world’.

Most importantly - this orange robot invites us to laugh with him, and ourselves, because the world will always need more smiles.


Size:  A5
Pages: 48 pages, every second lined
Bind: Stapled

Artwork by Tony Cribb

Size: 148 x 210mm


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