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The Luminescence of Kowhai & Co’s Scented Candles

'Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.'

- Katherine Dunham

The Luminescence of Kowhai & Co’s Scented Candles

There’s a gentle tranquillity in the flicker of a candle flame, an ethereal dance that brings both warmth and light into our spaces. At Kowhai & Co, our curated collection of scented candles does more than illuminate; it creates an ambience, narrates a story, and supports a noble cause.

A Symphony of Aromas

For those who seek moments of respite in their daily lives, our range of scented candles NZ residents have come to love provides a symphony of fragrances, each with its unique tale:

  • Sweet Pea and Nectarine: A harmonic blend that feels like a spring morning.
  • Black Orchid and Bergamot: A depth of florals, punctuated with citrusy notes, a sensation of luxury.
  • French Pear and White Lily: An elegant dance of sweet and delicate aromas.
  • Geranium and Orange Zest: A revitalising bouquet to lift one’s spirit.
  • And many more, from the enticing notes of Lychee and Black Tea to the sweet allure of Japanese Honeysuckle.

Every inhale invites you into a world of relaxation, transporting your senses to serene landscapes, blooming gardens, or refreshing orchards. These aren’t just nice-smelling candles; they're an experience waiting to be embraced.

Craftsmanship Meets Purpose

All our hand poured soy wax candles embody craftsmanship and purpose. Collaboratively made with Better Tea Co and Downlights NZ, these candles have been lovingly crafted, not only ensuring a premium quality but also supporting the skill development of individuals with Down syndrome and intellectual or learning disabilities.

Soy wax has gained renown for its environmental benefits, and at Kowhai & Co, we’re proud to offer GMO-free, lead-free, zinc-free, and non-toxic soy wax candles. Each time the wick is lit, you're indulging in a clean, sustainable, and holistic experience.

Kandila: A Blend of Tradition and Elegance

We’re elated to introduce Kandila to our esteemed family. Rooted in the founder's background and culture, "Kandila," which translates to "candle" in Filipino, epitomises the fusion of tradition and elegance. Crafted with environmentally friendly ingredients and phthalate-free fragrance oils, Kandila offers a therapeutic experience. It’s not just a candle; it's an embodiment of natural self-care, a gentle reminder to pause, reflect, and savour the moment.

The Essence of Kowhai & Co’s Candles

In an era that feels rushed, there’s a profound beauty in slowing down, in letting the gentle aroma of our scented candles fill your room, and in observing the serene dance of the flame. It's an invitation to presence, to gratitude, and to a deeper connection with oneself.

Discover the world of Kowhai & Co, where every candle promises more than just light – it offers warmth, serenity, and a touch of magic to your everyday moments.

Discover. Illuminate. Experience.

Kowhai and co is fortunate enough to be able to stock these marvellous candles which are a collaboration between Better Tea Co and Downlights NZ. These candles are lovingly hand poured and the entire manufacturing process supports the development of a variety of workplace skills for people with Down syndrome and intellectual or learning disabilities.

Small:  20 hour burn time

Large: 40 hour burn time


  • Fragrant soy wax candle 

  • GMO free

  • Lead free

  • Phthalate free

  • Zinc free

  • Non-toxic

Kandila - Kowhai and co.png

Kowhai and Co welcomes KANDILA to the family.

Kandila NZ is a representation of the founder's background and culture. The name Kandila is the direct translation of candle in Filipino. Embrace the beauty of natural self-care with these handcrafted candles. Made from environmentally friendly ingredients, including natural soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils, these candles provide a safe and indulgent experience for your well-being. Say goodbye to manufactured candles and discover the beauty of Kandila as your new ritual.

Untitled design1.jpg

Kowhai and Co welcomes BOTANICA to the family.

BOTANICA NZ is a Christchurch artisan synonymous with handcrafted excellence and iconic New Zealand quality. Immerse yourself in the beauty of meticulously crafted designs that capture the essence of our unique Kiwi spirit.

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