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Dive into a World of Organic Flavours | Kowhai & Co’s Wellness Teas

Sink into a cushioned bed of calm.

A unique blend of herbal ingredients designed to bring your mind, body and soul back to a state of tranquillity.

Amid the buzz of daily distractions, escape from the digital to the natural with Kowhai & Co.'s selection of wellness teas. As nature whispers through the rustling leaves, immerse your senses in a calming brew. Every sip is a step towards reconnecting with your wellbeing.

The Art of Tranquility, One Cup at a Time

Our wellness teas are more than just a blend of herbs and spices; they are a promise of peace and harmony, tailor-made for you. Sourced from the pristine landscapes of New Zealand, each cup is an ode to nature’s beauty and abundance, whispering of tranquil moments.

Kowhai & Co's Wellness Tea Blends: Health in a Cup

Steering clear of digital distractions can seem daunting, but what if the key to wellness was steeped in your teacup? Immerse yourself in our selection of organic wellness teas and discover the soothing secrets of nature.

A Melody of Herbal Delights

Our wellness herbal tea range is an ensemble of nature’s finest ingredients. Each blend, from our relaxing Anxietea to the rejuvenating Gut Feelings, plays a rhythm that resonates with your health and wellbeing.

  • Anxietea: This calming companion is a gentle balm for the times when life’s anxieties seem overwhelming. Sip away your worries and let tranquillity wash over you.
  • Gut Feelings: It's time to trust your gut! This soothing brew supports your digestive health while encapsulating the heartwarming essence of pure, natural wellness tea.
  • Hemp Relief: This unique blend of the finest hemp leaf and other organic ingredients brings you a step closer to tranquillity and relief from life's common stresses.

Mix and Match Wellness Teas

We understand that each day is different, as are your needs. With our Mix and Match wellness teas, you can now curate your preferred tea experience. One day it's a cup of Hemp Relief, another day Anxietea - the choice is yours. Create your calming tea ritual with the flexibility and variety of our Mix and Match Wellness Teas.

A Journey to Wellness with Our Natural Teas NZ-wide 

Savour the subtle harmonies within each cup of our wellness tea NZ selection, and let its therapeutic qualities gently restore your balance. Organic, pure, and wrapped up in compostable packaging, these tea blends are a testament to our commitment towards your wellbeing and our environment.

Experience the Healthful Harmony of Wellness Teas

Our wellness teas encapsulate an organic symphony of flavours and health benefits. From calming anxieties to professional digestive relief, each brew is an expression of nature’s extraordinary healing capabilities.

Reconnect with nature, and yourself. Take a break, brew a comforting cup of our wellness tea, and let the herbal narrative unfold. Remember, every sip not only enriches your health, but also offers a moment to hit pause, reflect, and savour serenity.

Brewing Everyday Serenity, with Kowhai & Co

At Kowhai & Co., we're not just crafting herbal blends; we're creating a peaceful, organic, wellness-driven lifestyle. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and embark on a journey towards tranquillity with us. It's simple: brew a cup of wellness and start sipping towards a healthier you.

Organic Wellness Teas - Frequently Asked Questions

What are wellness teas?

Wellness teas are a special blend of teas infused with a variety of health-boosting ingredients. This can include traditional tea leaves and a mix of herbs, spices, and other botanicals, chosen for their beneficial effects on health and wellbeing. Our wellness teas are designed to support your mind, body, and soul.

How can wellness teas benefit my daily routine?

Incorporating wellness teas into your daily routine can bring about a multitude of health benefits. For instance, a cup of wellness tea can be a soothing way to manage stress, aid digestion, or simply create a space for mindful relaxation. Our 'Anxietea' blend, specifically, is designed to help calm your mind, while 'Gut Feelings' is an excellent choice for aiding digestion.

How can wellness teas help with digital detox?

Replacing screen time with a wellness ritual like brewing and sipping a cup of wellness tea can assist in digital detox. The simple act of preparing tea offers a wholesome and mindful break from the digital world, helping to reduce stress, recalibrate focus, and restore tranquillity.

The Better Tea Co. was founded to help people take care of their mental health and wellbeing.

The handcrafters of Better Tea Co. offer a growing range of wellness teas that are hand-blended in New Zealand.

Tea is well known for its calming and medicinal properties and when combined with stress-reducing steps, such as deep breathing and focusing on your senses, tea is an excellent addition to your calming ritual. 

We’re incredibly environmentally conscious. Our packaging is entirely recyclable and reusable. We also support local when we’re sourcing our packaging and ingredients, buying from Kiwi companies producing high-quality, beautiful creations.

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Aotearoa (New Zealand), has a wealth of native plants that have a rich history of traditional use where they were used in many different ways to help maintain or support ora (wellbeing). ŌKU was formed out of the desire to harness many of these plants into a product range that can help people rediscover and experience the amazing properties held within our ngahere (forests).


Our Kaupapa (Purpose)

  • To help promote the importance of the healing properties of NZ Native plants and to help people discover the stories they have to share and tell.

  • The importance of making every effort to reduce our footprint on the whenua (land).

  • The importance of creating a circular economy within the business that ensures the business is a good kaitiaki (custodian) and returns appropriately to the whenua.


Of the sun. In exploration of balance. We are here to tread lightly and live slowly. Let’s do it together, one cup of tea at a time.  

On Sundays was born out of the desire for a moment of calm. Created in exploration of balance. Among the many nourishing qualities you get from steeped herbs, a cup of tea is more than that. It’s a reminder to slow down and take a deep breath. Allow yourself to savour the present moment and to acknowledge how you feel.

Every On Sundays blend is:

  • Hand-blended in New Zealand

  • Created using organic ingredients

  • Free from artificial colours and flavours

  • Loose-leaf

  • Delivered to you in recyclable packaging

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