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100% plant-based, vegan & biodegradable makeup tool


A versatile beauty sponge made entirely from plant-based biodegradable materials!


All-Beauty Bio Sponges are firm but still soft, giving skin a seamless streak-free finish, and instantly enhance your favourite makeup product.

The pointed sponge is designed to cover blemishes & for precise makeup application, and the slanted sponge is best used for effortless contouring and controlled stippling. Your skin will look incredible, whatever coverage it needs!


Used damp, let your favourite foundation or cream blush/highlighter blend into the skin, like a flawless real-life Instagram filter! Best yet, the All-Beauty Bio Sponges are made from 100% biodegradable materials! After 3-6 months, dispose in your compost responsibly.

Welcome to the world of high-performing sustainable beauty!

Winner! Cosmopolitan 2023 Summer Beauty Awards - The Best Beauty Sponge


    1. Choose the pointed sponge for precision application or a slanted edge for controlled stippling.

    2. Wet sponge to expand, squeeze excess water until damp

    3. Team with your favourite liquid foundation or cream-based makeup, for a dewy streak-free finish

    4. Gently bounce the sponge in tiny motions over your skin to diffuse products effortlessly.

    5. Rinse thoroughly after each use with clean warm water & air dry.

    6. Dispose responsibly in your compost and replace every 3-6 months.

  • Biopolyurethane: extracted from corn, cassava and sugarcane juice. Castor oil & Plant (flower) pigments

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