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DOG LOVER Bucket mug - 350ml


Designed by British potter Keith Brymer Jones.


Keith explains - "I think it was my dyslexia which attracted me to clay; dyslexic people often have an affinity with shape and form. What I thought was a weakness became my greatest strength. About twenty five years ago, I began to develop the Word Range for the first time. I was originally attracted to words because of their shape".


Practical in the home and pleasing to the eye, this simple yet stylish bucket mug is perfectly formed from super white porcelain and hand stamped. 


The mug's elegant, cosy shape is perfect for a nourishing cup of tea.

*Please note - colour of text may vary


*Microwave safe *Dishwasher safe

Dimensions: Height 80mm | Width 109mm | Material: Porcelain


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