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versatile beauty sharpener for pencils & crayons


What you'll love

  • Suits various sizes
  • Versatile durable design
  • Biodegradable (PLA) & recyclable
  • Ultra-sharp carbon steel blades
  • Must-have for lip/eye pencils & crayons

Our eco-friendly take on a beauty bag classic for all your sharpening needs.



  • This duo sharpener can sharpen your pencils and crayons like a pro. Use it to sharpen all Ere Perez lip and eye pencils/crayons. Featuring 5-star carbon steel blades and made from biodegradable corn resin, this sharpener is a high-quality eco-friendly version of a beauty bag classic that will keep your liners and colour crayons in perfect pointy condition. Made from corn resin, a sustainable alternative to plastic, making it both biodegradable and recyclable. What more could you wish for in a sharpener?!

    • Place your eye or lip pencil in the sharpener hole

    • Twist to activate the blade

    • Sharpen until point is sharp

    • Discard shavings and pop them in the compost.

    • Dust off blade for next use.

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