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Paperblanks journal.


Grolier Ornamentali

Jean Grolier was among history’s most discerning book collectors, possessing one of the finest private libraries of his time. His “Last Binder” was the Parisian shop that produced most of his later commissions and was responsible for the gold-tooled, brown leather binding recreated here.


Our Grolier design has been inspired by one of Jean Grolier’s greatest commissions, a gold-tooled brown leather binding with an interlaced curving design filling out a six-pointed star. Crafted sometime between 1555 and 1565, the sumptuous book cover is the work of a Parisian shop known as Grolier’s Last Binder, aptly named because it was the craftsmen there who produced most of the works Grolier commissioned toward the end of his life.


Jean Grolier’s collection is an interesting case in the history of bookbinding in that his name, rather than those of the artisans themselves, has become synonymous with the gorgeous and greatly influential designs. Grolier, though not a bookbinder himself, is celebrated as one of the “fathers” of modern bookbinding as his commissions have become famous for their geometrical and arabesque patterns. Our marbled binding, enhanced with a thin sprinkling of gold dust and tooling, is an ideal example of the style for which he has become so celebrated. It was originally crafted to house a revised and enhanced manuscript of an ancient opera by Marcus Tullius Cicero.



The library of Jean Grolier has stood the test of time and is still considered to be one of the finest private collections ever held. With nearly 3000 volumes to his name, Jean Grolier was a true bibliophile and his passion was not only for the books themselves but for sharing them with others. As such, his collection of books was split between those he commissioned for himself and those he acquired or was given. At the time of his death in 1565, he possessed one of the greatest and most extensive private libraries in the world, and his impact on and passion for bookbinding continues to inspire artists, readers and collectors today.


100% recycled binder boards
Decorative printed cover paper
FSC-certified text paper
Threaded stitching and glue, as needed
Acid-free sustainable forest paper


  • At Paperblanks, we create products that inspire creativity, empower expression and celebrate special
    moments. A homage to art and culture, our line of journals and creative tools sparks the imagination by
    offering a connection to artists and cultural movements from all eras and regions.

    Cover Designs
    • Wide range of timeless cover art
    • World cultures and traditions represented
    • Historical background and credit information detailed in each 

    Unique Closures
    • Wrap, elastic and clasp closures offered
    • Selected to complement each cover design

    Well-Crafted Bindings
    • All books are Smyth sewn – the highest-quality binding available
    • Smyth sewn refers to a classic style of bookmaking in which the
    signatures are sewn together and further reinforced with adhesive
    and fabric backing.

    High-Quality Paper
    • Paper weights (gsm) vary depending on book format and can be
    found on every product page
    • All text paper is FSC-certified
    • Binder boards crafted from 100% recycled material

    • Hardcover journals have an accordion-style memento pouch
    • Flexi notebooks come with a curved back cover pocket

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