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Health & Well-being Affirmations are remarkable tools that help you focus your thoughts to achieve a more positive outlook on your health, relationships with your body, and your emotional well-being.


Connect your mind with your body.


  • Affirmation cards are meant to be used every week
  • Focused on health, well-being, and body confidence
  • Comes in a box––perfect for mindful gifts to yourself, loved ones, and those starting a wellness journey
  • Affirmation cards come with insightful instructions on how to best use this mindfulness practice
  • Backside of the cards can be used to create your own affirmations



52 Affirmation cards

Comes in a box

FSC™ beechwood stand with Intelligent Change laser cut logo

Cards size: 4.13” / 10.5cmW x 5.11”x 13cmL

100% recycled, compostable, and FSC certified paper

Mindful Affirmations - Health & Wellbeing

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