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Mix and match our blends and save.


These benefit-packed loose leaf teas taste as good as they’ll make you feel, this self-care combo is your shortcut to mind and body bliss.

Choose any combination of the teas:


  • Anxietea and Gut Feelings
  • Anxietea and Hemp Relief
  • Gut Feelings and Hemp Relief
  • Anxietea, Gut Feelings and Hemp Relief



Home Compostable Pouch:


Fueled by our relentless pursuit of better, these pouches embody our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and unparalleled quality.

Crafted from premium plant-based materials, these pouches are designed to biodegrade naturally in your home compost bin within just 12 weeks.

Each pouch has a recyclable tin tie ensuring that every sip of your premium tea is nothing short of divine.

Indulge in the ultimate tea experience, where luxury meets sustainability, with our new home compostable pouches.


60 gram compostable pouch

Mix and Match Wellness Teas - Compostable Pouch

  • 1: Boil the kettle. Warm your cup or pot first by adding a splash of boiling water. Swill and discard, then fill with fresh water to brew.

    2: Place the loose leaf tea in your infuser. The general rule is 1 teaspoon of tea per 250 ml.

    3: Place the infuser in your favourite cup or pot and brew for 3-5 minutes (the longer you leave it, the stronger the taste).

    We recommend you use these minutes to take a moment for yourself. Treat yourself to a mini-meditation, some mindful breathing or maybe just some good old fashioned daydreaming.

    Iced: Brew straight and pour over ice, add local honey to taste

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