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Reconnecting with the Natural World, Discovering Your True Self


AUTHOR: Anna Starmer


In a fast-paced urban world of pressure, stress and anxiety, Naturally Mindful provides the opportunity to stop time, reflect and take a moment to live consciously.

Aspire to a sense of calm awareness and learn how mindfulness can teach you to enjoy and respect the natural world. Small enough to carry around on walks, Naturally Mindful offers practical solutions by going back to basics; with reminders to value the world around us and to work harder to preserve a spiritually nurturing environment through patience, selfawareness and a relaxed conciousness.

Re-discover the instrinsic value of nature and how it can inspire us to seek spiritual satisfaction, change the way we interact with our environment, develop a more sustainable world and create a better, more hopeful future.


Format: Hardcover
Number Of Pages: 160
Dimensions (cm): 2 x 12.2  x 15.8
Weight (kg): 0.18


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