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Circulate/Hōrapa - Kawakawa & Horopito Heart Tea


Circulate: Kawakawa & Horopito is a complete blend to get your blood moving. With herbs like Gotu KolaGinkgo and Rosemary that all have a great affinity with the brain. Hawthorn and our very own Kawakawa that both have wonderful heart supporting properties. These herbs are all brought together by the unique warming and spicy properties of Horopito. This really is a complete formula to fire up your circulation. 


*Contains 100% herbs, no added flavours, sugar or sweeteners






Kawakawa (Piper excelsum) is a New Zealand native herb used traditionally for many different ailments. It is an amazingly versatile herb that has so much to offer. Here are some ways that it was traditionally used and also some contemporary conditions it may also assist with.

  • Heart tonic - Has been used traditionally to help strengthen the heart and more recently for high blood pressure as well as supporting overall circulation due to its fantastic warming properties making it perfect for poor circulation, those suffering from chilblains, etc.

  • Blood purifier - Has been used traditionally to treat boils and to draw toxins from the body both from internal use & as a topical poultice.

  • Digestive - The warming properties of Kawakawa may aid in digestion especially when suffering from indigestion, heartburn, etc.

  • Lung restorative - The seeds in particular may have a tonic effect on the lungs. Kawakawa has very similar properties to its cousin, pippali or long pepper plant used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Analgesic - Has a mild analgesic effect similar to the Kava plant of Fiji to which it is closely related to. Has been used traditionally for tooth ache and more recently for menstrual cramps due also to its anti-spasmodic actions.

  • Adaptogen - May help with a restorative & strengthening action for those people under high levels of physical and emotional stress or suffering from fatigue.

  • Diuretic - May have a mild action to help with fluid retention and was traditionally used to support and strengthen kidney function.

  • Anti-inflammatory - Traditionally used for rheumatism and arthritic complaints.

  • Aphrodisiac - Was used traditionally by older men to renew their youthful vigour.

  • Topically - It was used traditionally for many different skin complaints but more recently has been shown to be a remarkable healer of the skin for conditions like eczema or other similar red inflamed conditions. It has also been shown to be helpful when massaged into inflamed or arthritic joints.




Horopito (Pseudowintera colorata) is a plant that gives us clues to what it is good for by observing its natural habitat. This native plant is endemic to New Zealand and is found mostly in places where the climate is cold and damp. It can often be found growing with a type of dark fungus growing over it.

Distinguished by beautiful crimson tones dispersed in varying degrees throughout the leaves, this crimson colour is Mother Nature's way of saying, "hot hot hot!" Known for its highly anti-fungal properties, this is the reason why it is able to survive in cold, damp places where fungi thrive.

So as well as being highly anti-fungal, horopito helps to stimulate circulation, is an expectorant that helps with respiratory conditions and is anti-inflammatory. Traditionally it was used to relieve toothache and to help heal wounds by acting as a pain reliever (nicknamed bushman's painkiller) and by reducing inflammation. Its other traditional uses include the treatment of ringworm and stomachache.

Nowadays horopito is used to season and spice up cusine in various creative ways or as a simple black pepper replacement.

We use horopito in our Kumarahou & Kawakawa Chest Elixir for its chest warming properties, to help reduce inflammation in the lungs and for horopito's remarkable expectorant qualities.

Next time you're out in the bush particularly in the colder parts of New Zealand, have a look out for those crimson tones in the leaves of the horopito and observe where and how it is growing.



*This is loose-leaf tea ( no teabags ).


You can purchase re-useable organic cotton tea-bags here



  • Ingredients: Gotu Kola+, Hawthorn Berries+, Ginkgo+, Rosemary+, Kawakawa* (10%), Horopito* (3%)

    +Organic or *Wildharvested

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