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AUTHOR - The School of Life


An honest and accessible guide to finding light in the darkest of times.

In a world that isn’t short of darkness, there can be few more urgent priorities than to spend time rehearsing for ourselves why life – despite all its challenges – still has so much to offer us; why there are still so many reasons to be hopeful.


Here is a collection of some of the most persuasive arguments for staying on the side of optimism, creativity, kindness, calm and hope. Across a series of essays, we learn why we still have the right to feel purposeful and buoyant despite everything that is challenging:
because there is still so much more to discover, because love can triumph sometimes, because we can delight in summer days and the light of dawn, because we are not alone in our suffering, because we are never far from the option of a slice of cake or a bath, because we are very small things in a mighty and beautiful universe and because we don’t require perfection for things to feel good enough.

In a tone that avoids the pitfalls of sentimentality and cynicism, the book urges us to reconnect with our more resilient selves, bidding us to recover faith in what is still possible. At points funny and always encouraging and kind, here is an ideal friend to guide us back to courage and delight.


• A highly relatable book that offers comfort and support in our darker moments, while guiding us towards an optimistic future.

• A tool to assist us in our search for a reason to be, the book is an eclectic collection of short essays on wide-ranging subjects, from an extraordinary encounter between Mick Jagger and an unfamiliar Jesuit priest to the escapism found in Iranian cinema.

• Challenging toxic positivity: this is a refreshingly honest and accessible guide on hopefulness for pessimists.

• Illustrated throughout with a vibrant mix of artworks, photography, illustration and full bleed chapter openers.


Hardback | 197 x 145 mm | 228 pages | 41 colour and 11 B&W images



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