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Stoic Reminders Quote Cards

Daily doses of ancient wisdom


The Stoics, ancient philosophers like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca, were pioneers of practical wisdom. Their message? Life's true richness comes from inner peace, self-control, and living in harmony with nature.

Stoic Reminders brings their transformative philosophy into your daily routine with inspiring quote cards. Display one on your desk or by your bed, and let their honest words bring you back to what's important—your peace, your balance, your strength. *Beechwood stand included.


How to Use Stoic Reminders

Regular use helps internalize Stoic wisdom, leading to gradual personal growth and a more mindful approach to life's challenges.


What topics do Stoic Reminders include?

→ How to live a virtuous and meaningful life in the real world, which is highly applicable even today.

→ How to achieve mastery over emotions, advocating for a life led by reason and logic, which helps in developing emotional resilience.

→ Focusing on what is within one's control and letting go of what isn't, a principle that fosters inner peace and effectiveness.

→ Universal wisdom on human nature and ethics, offering guidance that is relevant across cultures and ages.

→ Stoicism advocates living in harmony with nature and accepting life's flow, encouraging a balanced and fulfilling life.


Put Stoic Reminders on display


Each day or week, place a new quote card on display in a spot you will see often.

Different methods to choose which quote to display:

  • Choose a card that resonates with your current life situation or challenges.
  • Pick a card at random for an element of surprise and reflection.
  • Use the cards in a predetermined order for a structured journey through Stoic teachings.
  • Select based on a specific theme or area of focus in your life.


Part of your mindful routine


Daily Reflections: Start or end your day by reflecting on the day's quote to gain perspective and insight.

Meditation: Incorporate them into your mindfulness or meditation routine for contemplation.

Journaling Prompt: Use the quotes as prompts for journaling to explore your thoughts, feelings, and personal growth.

Decor and Inspiration: Display them as decor in your home or office for continuous inspiration and a reminder of Stoic principles.


Subtle Daily Inspiration


As you pass by or glance at them throughout the day, Stoic Reminders provide gentle, unobtrusive prompts.

Their presence in your home or office space can help create a calm, thoughtful atmosphere, encouraging a mindful approach to your day.


  • Perfect For: These cards are not only beneficial for self-improvement and philosophical reflection but also serve as elegant and mindful decor, making them suitable for all ages.

    • Individuals Seeking Personal Growth: Providing inspiration and motivation from Stoic philosophy, these quote cards encourage self-reflection, mental clarity, and emotional balance.
    • Those Facing Stress or Challenges: Offering guidance and perspective, the reminders help in managing stress and maintaining calm in tough situations.
    • Lovers of Philosophy and History: Connecting users to ancient wisdom, they are perfect for anyone interested in Stoic philosophy and its practical application in modern life.
    • As a Thoughtful Gift: These cards make an excellent gift for friends or family members who appreciate deep thought, self-improvement, and philosophy.
    • Home Decor Enthusiasts: Not only are they insightful, but they also serve as mindful and aesthetically pleasing decor, enhancing any home or office space.
    • 52 quote cards
    • Storage box included
    • FSC™ beechwood stand with Intelligent Change laser cut logo
    • Cards size: 4.13” / 10.5cmW x 5.11” / 13cmL
    • 100% recycled, compostable, and FSC certified paper
    • Made in China

    Quote Card Features

    • Curated quotes from famous Stoic philosophers such as Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Zeno, and Epictetus.
    • Each card contains a thoughtful quote on one side and information about the philosopher on the other.
    • The quotes are selected for their relevance and ability to inspire and guide in modern life.
    • The cards are designed for both aesthetic appeal and to stimulate reflection and personal growth.
    • They are ideal for daily inspiration, mental clarity, emotional balance, and gaining perspective.
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