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AUTHOR: Brianna Wiest


This is the year you change your life.

There’s a saying that when the moment comes, you don’t need words on a page, you need new thoughts in your head. When the moment really comes when you have to find your courage, when you have to let go, when you don’t know what to do, you aren’t going to go to your book shelf to try to find the answer. You need it with you here and now.

Devote the next twelve months of your life to making measured and real change, beginning with your mindset.

The Pivot Year is a book of 365 daily meditations on finding the courage to become who you’ve always wanted to be, from the internationally bestselling author of 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You ThinkThe Mountain Is You, and more.


If you find yourself in a pivot period still bridging the space between where you are and where you want to be this book will guide you towards finding the courage to become the person you've always wanted to be. It reminds you that the potential for growth and transformation already exists within you.

With 365 daily meditations The Pivot Year provides a year-long journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Each meditation encourages you to act consistently on what your heart already knows it wants to do. Whether you're looking for inspiration guidance or practical advice this book has it all.

Join the countless readers who have found solace and motivation in Brianna Wiest's words. Let The Pivot Year be your companion as you navigate through life's transitions and embark on a path of personal growth.


Format: Paperback
Dimensions (cm): 20 x 12.5  x 3
Weight (kg): 0.42


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