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The Plant Portal

50 cards to help you heal with tea

By: Erin Lovell Verinder


The Plant Portal card deck. You may have heard whispers of the healing abilities of plants. Perhaps your grandma used to prepare sage-leaf gargles for a sore throat, fresh aloe vera was applied to a knee scrape, or when a tummy ache set in, ginger tea was made and served. These traditions, likely passed down through many generations, always seem to hold a magical quality, a soothing, familiar essence. This is the spirit of traditional plant medicine.

In this deck, you'll find 40 simple tea recipes. Each one celebrates an accessible plant and has been organised into one of seven areas: detox; immunity; sleep; digestion; vitality; hormone health; hair and skin; or emotions, mind and spirit. All the plants used can be easily sourced, such as thyme, oregano, rosemary, lavender, calendula, aloe vera and nasturtium.

Find the card you need, take the recipe to work, stick it to the fridge, suggest it to a friend; the teas are all easy to make and the deck is intended to be practical. Each recipe should be made in a medium-sized teapot, roughly three cups of tea.

The deck also contains ten herbal wisdom cards to guide and inspire you. Each one has a stunning wild nature photograph on the back. Whether you want something beautiful on your desk, or you need some kind words to get through a rough day, the plants have got your back.

Box size:
138mm x 92mm x 30.5mm

About the Author

Walking the plant path, Erin Lovell Verinder is a woman in tune with the natural world. She is on a full-hearted mission to educate, assist and up-level how we can all heal with the rhythms of nature, through the bounty of plant medicine. A true naturalist, weaving her path with bushels of brilliant green as a clinician, teacher and mentor and an author of two well-loved herbal medicine books Plants for the People and The Plant Clinic.


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