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A simple yet powerful five-minute a day journal to increase mental clarity, reduce stress and create a more positive mind. 


This will begin your journey into writing down your thoughts and expressing gratitude daily.


Over the course of nine weeks, this beautiful book will help you uncover what makes your day great, how you can get more out of each day and help give you the clarity to live your life with purpose. 


It will also ask you to become aware of what you are grateful for. Gratitude has been shown to be a powerful tool when alleviating stress, increasing our happiness, being more present and living a more optimistic life. 


In this book, you will uncover . . . 

- Daily journaling, goal setting and gratitude prompts for nine weeks

- How to design daily affirmations

- How your thoughts create your reality

- The art of gratitude

- Why I wrote this journal

- The Four Pillars of Hauora

- Neuroplasticity (how we change our brain)


So take your first step, let 'The art of a positive mind' be part of your self-care routine.




14.5cm x 21cm paperback



'The Art of a Positive Mind' Five-Minute Journal - Our Hauora

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    "Everyone needs the art of a positive mind! This soon became the favourite part of my routine, especially in the evening, reflecting on the day that was. It opened my eyes to all the small wonders that we often overlook in our busy lives. I’m looking forward to starting journal number 2 and setting some new intentions."






    “I have been using this gratitude journal for the last couple of months. The thing I love the most about it, is just how easy and accessible it is. Particularly if you are time poor, it’s 5 minutes a day, and it’s such a cool way to become more reflective to improve your mental health without overwhelming your schedule or being unrealistic. I think it’s an awesome tool.”





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