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A Research-Backed Program to Make Habits Stick


Building a new habit takes experimentation, compassion, and creativity. This guided program puts research into step-by-step practice so you can develop the habit you’ve always wanted. Along the way, you’ll be guided through creating a habit plan and experimenting with what works through daily and weekly check-ins.



You've tried (and struggled) with building habits. You're tired (and overwhelmed) by all of the changes you want to make, but can’t seem to implement. Thankfully, there’s a body of research dedicated to figuring out how to make sustained behavior change. The Build-a-Habit Guide equips you with a proven plan for making new habits stick, now and into the future.


Schedule a regular time and place to complete your habit exercises each day.


The habit forming program you’ll soon embark on includes a mix of education and daily practice. In order to ensure as much consistency as possible, it’s helpful to proactively choose a time and place for you to use The Build-a-Habit Guide to keep up your habit building progress.

When schedules get busy, it’s easy for inertia to get in the way of working towards your goals. This step will set you up for success as you get started with the program.


Lay the foundation of strong habit formation by learning the principles behind lasting behaviour change


We introduce you to just how powerful habit building can be in setting you up for long-term well-being. In addition to that, we cover the fundamental principles that you’ll need to know in order to get the most out of the program. Then, you’ll choose a habit, create your first plan, and begin your habit building process.

In order to successfully cook a recipe, you’ll first need to understand what the ingredients are. This step will equip you with those “active ingredients” so you have the know-how, agency, and flexibility to build your habit over time.


Discover what works for you by experimenting with your habit plan


You’ll spend four weeks testing and experimenting with your habit plan through a combination of daily check-ins and weekly reflection entries.

We often overlook just how many factors affect our daily decision making. Whether or not we do something as important as drinking enough water during the day can come down to something as simple as forgetting to take the bottle out of the dishwasher in the morning.


Maintain your progress through consistency and accountability


After four weeks of experimenting and adjusting your habit plan, you’ll transition to daily tracker entries—simple, quick, and gratifying logs to keep you accountable to your progress.

This step will be important to continue solidifying your habit. Research has shown that habits can take up to 10 weeks (or longer!) to really stick. Instead of stopping after you’ve found a plan that’s worked for you, try to remember that consistency is key.


    • 70 daily check-in and tracker entries for you to put your habit to practice
    • Expert guidance and structured activities for you to choose your habit, create your habit plan, and refine your plan
    • Tips and guidance from a behavioral scientist and expert therapists to accompany you on your habit formation journey

    • This notebook is filled with 144 pages of 75 gsm cream paper for a smooth & fluid writing experience.
    • Hard bound with a flat lay binding, this notebook is lighter than The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, but filled with the same high-quality, evidence-based content you know and trust.
    • (LxWxH): 8.5" x 5.5" x 0.38", 0.51 lb.
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