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A Guide to Mindful Living


AUTHOR - Ryunosuke Koike


Bestselling author and Zen priest Ryunosuke Koike teaches us how to reconnect with our five senses and move towards enlightenment

What would happen if we learnt to look instead of see, listen instead of hear and feel instead of touch? With remarkable clarity, Ryunosuke Koike shares the ways we can incorporate Zen practice into our daily life, resulting in a more productive, honest and present way of living.

Koike's theory tells us that our energy is predominantly being used to think negative and unnecessary thoughts, causing us to lose our ability to make decisions and our five senses to lose their strength. Ranging from complacency in your relationship, over-commitment at work to searching for approval from others, The Practice of Not Thinking will teach you how to re-train your brain and eliminate these challenging habits, leading to a quieter and more peaceful life.


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