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AUTHOR - Jenna Ramondo


'To Stay, To Stay, To Stay With You' is a book that takes your hand and invites you to stay and embrace this beautiful moment that you find yourself in. Slowly soak into 160 pages of gentle prose as you remember that there is beauty in all seasons, that magic is alive and well within you, and you, my darling, are everything you are searching for.


'Return home, 

to the place that is still and unbothered,

to the space unscathed by uncertainty,

to the breath that knows in all moments,

that you are safe, you are okay,

for you are infinite and forever.

No scare could ever kill your light.

No fright could ever break you.'


'Your body is designed to thrive in ways

your mind doesn’t understand.

Let the sensations guide you.

Trust the wisdom of your body.

Don’t think your way to freedom.

Feel your way...

Breathe your way...'


'Want nothing.

Crave nothing.

Need nothing.

Remember, just for a moment, 

that you are complete.'


'The more I accept myself,

the more I remember the secrets of the universe.'


'Befriend the frozen spaces,

And the aches you try to flee.

They’re calling you to soften,

To let your nature be.

They always whisper gently,

That they hide inside their plan,

An eagerness for love,

for love.

Can you hear it?

I know you can.'


'Coming home. 

It’s not the way your mind makes it out to be.

It’s not a push and shove,

no finish line to toe.

It’s a slowing of the breath,

an awareness of the beat inside your chest,

a burning of that list you live to tick,

a surrender to the river that exists

and takes you there…'


'Your life is a beautiful tapestry of events,

a field of learning and growing,

a masterpiece of love.'



Soft cover with gold foil detailing. 

160 creamy pages of prose and illustrations. 

Ethically printed with vegetable inks on 100% Recycled Paper.



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