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Words of Lovers


The Words Of Lovers Journal Set has been curated to deepen intimacy within your relationship, encourage unspoken topics and inspire deeper connection between you and your lover.


Within the pages of these journals, you will discover over 120 guided prompts to help you expand your relationship, establish your dreams, desires and needs as a couple and learn one another's language, to in turn enrich and strengthen your union.


This set features two individual journals, reflecting back the same prompts to signify the essence of your partnership and the way in which you are each others mirror.


The slip box is a safe vessel for your journals to make a home in, keeping your heartfelt emotions and sentimental words protected from the outside world. 


These journals are for the couple who are ready to open their hearts to vulnerability, growth and expansion. These questions will spark deeper exploration, improve your communication, create space for radical honesty and cultivate a foundation of pure love, depth and intimacy.


  • Each person will receive their own individual journal, filled with guided prompts to inspire curiosity, truth and reverence for the connection you share.

    Write down your answers to the prompts separately or together, then share your words with your lover with presence, patience and tenderness.

    Talk about your answers and create conversation surrounding your thoughts and feelings on the chosen topic.

    Hold one another.

    Sit in any discomfort and choose love over fear.

    Trust in your partner and their ability to navigate shared vulnerability.

    This is a space where love transcends all.  

  • SIZE
    A5 142x210mm

    Squared Corners
    French Groove
    Cloth Covers & Matching Slip Box
    Debossed Titles

    120gsm cream paper
    200 pages of guided journal prompts
    2x Guided Journals
    1x Slip Box

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